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Here you can buy materials for the refining area, landscape design and improvement of a garden plot, paving and the creation of paths, alpine slides, creating flower beds and flower beds




GOST 7392-85 (Rubble)

GOST 3344-83

GOST 8267-93
GOST 10832-91 (Sand)
GOST 7394-85

GOST 7392-85 (Rubble)

GOST 5578-94 (LECA)
GOST 9757-90
GOST 22856-89
GOST 23558-94 (clay, peat)



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Useful information about building materials (gravel, expanded clay, sand) and soil for planting (soil fertile, ground vegetation, peat, black soil)

At the present time to those used in Moscow and Moscow region soils and their components are increased requirements. In accordance with Government Decree № 514-PP on July 27, 2007 fertile soil, humus or peat should meet the following standards: have a uniform granular mass, brown-gray or dark gray (black) color, contain no more than 10% of small inclusions . For the production of fertile soil is possible to use topsoil that is removed during construction, sand, clay, loam, peat, horse, peat transition, lowland peat, compost, sapropel. Since because of the impact of transport in the soil, the rapid accumulation of elements of pollution, the pollution indicators used in the soil, black earth or peat should be strictly monitored and have strict compliance, or low content of these elements. For the cultivation of flower crops, as well as for landing pits for shrubs and deciduous trees, you can use soil or black soil with high organic content (up to 15-30%) and low bulk density, which is compensated by the addition of compost and peat. In preparation landing pits for pine to use soil containing large amounts of sand and has in itself no more than 20% clay. For the planting of spruce is recommended to use soil with the addition of acid peat and clay content up to 40%. For sowing the lawn, repair the existing soil and mulch recommended the use of peat. If you use peat, the following regulatory indicators: it is possible to use any type of peat - peat moor, peat or peat upland transition, the degree of decomposition must be at least 25%, mass fraction of water - not more than 60% ash content up to 25%, obstruction is not more than 8 %, acidity is neutral. When bringing in Moscow soil, humus or peat must comply with environmental, chemical, agrochemical, sanitary-epidemiological, radiological requirements and have the conclusion of the relevant services. Here you can buy any torfogrunt (sale). Upon acquisition of fertile soil, peat or humus for use in the territory of Moscow must provide the supplier of sanitary epidemiologicheskgo Finally, center of state in Moscow, the certificate of the Moscow Environmental Registry "for compliance with environmental management system (EMS), GOST RISO.




Our company has many years engaged in the supply of bulk building materials.

To loose construction materials include sand, gravel and all kinds of factions, gravel, expanded clay, black soil, peat, soil, etc. Appointment of them very extensively. They are used as independent material used in construction and landscaping, and as fillers. Since the sand used in all phases of construction works; in the production of construction materials in the manufacture of concrete and mortar, helping to reduce their shrinkage during hardening, as a glandular supplement in cement plants. Expanded clay is used for insulation of the sexes in the form of direct filling or in combination with cement screed in wall insulation (less often in the form of wall panels).

To offer a gardening soil for various purposes. Black Earth, ground vegetation, peat, peskogrunt, torfogrunt, soils.

Along with many years of experience in communicating with organizations focusing on the private sector not only in Moscow but also throughout the Moscow region.

You can call us at any, time you, and we will take and deliver your order. You can also pick up the necessary materials you EX. Payment can be made both in cash and bank transfer.
We are open 24 hours a day and have the opportunity to deliver all weekends and public holidays (except when the roads leading to the address specified in the order, closed for the festivities, parades and celebrations).

We always have:

  • sand
  • granite, gravel and crushed lime
  • expanded clay (expanded clay gravel or sand)
  • Sand and sand mining
  • marble chips
  • decorative crushed stone (aggregates) of all colors and fractions
  • fertile ground
  • peat
  • humus
  • lawn grass
  • Turf

as well as concrete, cement and grass seeds for regional planning.

The quality of the materials we meet all the standards and, if necessary, we are ready to provide you with certificates.
For more information on the availability of materials, conditions of delivery and payment you can get from our managers on all-day multi-channel call


Tel. (495) 749-5577

We supply materials from 1m3 to 20m3 trucks and from 25m3 to 50m3 - Tippers.


Just call, and within a half hour car loaded with necessary construction materials, will rush to you!

Expanded clay and soil


Bulk materials
Sand mining and river, sand washed and sieved, sandy-gravel, crushed stone (gravel, granite, lime), Crushed secondary, Screenings granite, concrete block, asphalt aggregates, Coal

For landscaping
Ground vegetation, soil fertile, black soil, peat, Torfosmesi, Grass Seeds, Fertilizers

Cementing materials and concrete to order:
Concrete (mortar), Plates ribbon basement Channels mains, road slabs, details of wells, fence elements, units basement walls, floor slabs, piles ZHB, stairs, concrete blocks, concrete, cement, dry mix

Antigololednye materials
Technical salt, granite chips (dropped out), Sand






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