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Cement (in translation from the Latin "broken stone") - is one of the main construction material. Used in the manufacture of concrete and the interaction with such fillings as gravel has a very high strength. Due to the fact that cement production is water, it has a hydraulic properties after curing becomes water-resistant.

Cements are divided on the composition, strength, hardening, since clinker, duration of seizure, etc.

Depending on the operating conditions of the cement are distinguished by physical characteristics. They are sticking to the ability of cement to load and the number of different types of cement additives. Various types of cements are capable of withstanding the load from 350 to 700 kg / cm. It is marked as M 350, M 500, M700. The percentage of (PC) additives in cement is marked as D20, D30, etc., which means that 20 (30) percent of additives. From the percentage of additives depends on the strength of cement and its plasticity.

Cement type M (PC) 400 - D20 has a high level of frost and water resistance. Cement is a brand mostly used in construction in the manufacture of the foundation, concrete, wall coverings.
Cement type M (PC) 500 - D20 has similar qualities, used in plastering work and in the manufacture of various building solutions.

Cement brand M 500 - A0 is strong enough and has no additives. It features enhanced durability and water-and frost. Is indispensable in stritelstve.

Just one of the most important characteristics of the cement is hardening its time. Hardening of cement can be divided into two stages: in the first 50 minutes is the beginning of hardening - seizure, the final hardening occurs cherez10 - 12 hours.


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