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Chernozem - soil, which was formed on loam under perennial grasses in the forest steppe and steppe with a dry and temperate climate, and flushing (permatsidnom) or non-flushing (impermatsinom) water regime.
Education is due to close relationship of black soil of vegetation in the meadows and steppes with soil-forming factors as terrain, climate, parent material. Herbaceous vegetation is regularly left in the soil plant remains. When the appropriate level of water and temperature balance crop residues in the soil, subjected to a process of decomposition, after which are formed humic compounds that accumulate in the upper soil layers. The accumulation of humus in the soil attached to a black or brown-black, from which there was a name chernozem. In addition to the humus in the soil as accumulate nitrogen, sulfur, iron, phosphorus and other necessary plant food elements.
Chernozem - soil, which is ideal for the cultivation of plant water-air properties, granular or lumpy structure and content of the soil up to 90% calcium, neutral acidity, high percentage of humus content (up to 15%) and, as a consequence of the above, the high fertility.

Translated from the Latin humus means earth, soil. This is part of the soil organic origin, which is formed as a result of biochemical processes taking place with the remnants of vegetation and animals. In chernozem contain humic acids, which are one of the most important components for soil fertility. Also in the black soil has all the basic, necessary for plant nutrition elements of the interaction with micro-organisms may be available for plants. In an environment where black soil is getting enough moisture, it becomes the most fertile soil.
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Chernozems used to grow the technical, vegetables, grain forage crops, orchards and vineyards. Because of its high-level black soil fertility is fundamentally different from other types of soil. When you buy black earth for your site you get a fertile soil, which is optimally suited for the cultivation of any plant because of properties such as humus content and other elements of nutrition, soil texture and granular-lumpy, neutral pH. At relatively low cost for the purchase of chernozem you fundamentally solve the problem of soil fertility on your site.
The main fields of black earth in Russia can be called Tula and Voronezh regions. Chernozem of these regions is used to optimize fertility and soil permeability, to monitor the ratio of particles of different sizes, ie, the density of grain size. If the original black soil is delivered to the light, sandy soil, for growing crops achieved the greatest effect. It is safe to say that black soil is the best type of soil for the cultivation of any crop and does not require any specific skills or knowledge in the application.

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