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Types of sand.

Building sand is dense construction material, which is divided into species on the deposit of sandstone and the quality of the sand.

Building sand is divided by the method of production and origin. There are five basic types of construction sand:

  1. River
  2. Career
  3. Washed
  4. Seeded
  5. Quartz

Scope of sand is very extensive. It is used in glass production, as a filter for water purification, as an abrasive is added to the clay in the manufacture of bricks, a quality molds in the paint for texturing surfaces. The sand is needed in everything from children's sandpits and ending large-scale construction of roads and any real estate. In the construction of sand finds its application in almost all stages of the work of the foundation and organization of access roads.

Sand - a natural material extracted from the bottom of rivers. River sand is alluvial or seeded, depending on what type of cleaning method, he goes after the extraction. From other species of sand, river sand differs natural purity, it is well water tight. As a result of that river sand for a long time exposed to water, it has a smooth rounded surface. The color of river sand is light yellow, light gray and gray.
The quality characteristics of river sand is the absence of clay and stony impurities, and the content of silt and dust particles do not exceed 0,5%. Also, river sand has good performance filtration coefficient (5,7 m / day), group size (mostly medium and large), low radioactivity.
Due to its versatility river sand meets all the standards that apply construction organizations, corresponds to the first class, and guarantees excellent quality of materials produced using sand.
In the main river sand used in concrete production, as an additive in the manufacture of cement and plaster work, as a filler in paints and plaster, for preparation of asphalt concrete mixtures when laying roads and drainage at the device.
In the process of purification and separation of river sand from impurities, clay, gravel, river sand quality is improving, but because the costs are much higher than the cost of sand quarry.



sand mining small
sand mining large zernitosti
Sand mining small
Sand mining large zernitosti
Quartz sand
Sand career average zernitosti
Quartz sand
Sand career average zernitosti
Sand precoat large zernitosti
Loamy sand mining
Sand precoat large zernitosti
Loamy sand mining


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