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Universal lawn

Biennial pitch class "Premium" on the international classification TPI. The color is dark green, rich, uniform, dense grass stand with fine textured leaves. Easily establish, tolerates all weather conditions, from freezing winters to brief drought. Resistant to mechanical stress. Composition: 100% bluegrass meadow.

Urban lawn

Three-year Turf. The color of emerald green, with a strong turf can endure moderate mechanical load, temperature, frost and drought. Unpretentious care. It is used for urban landscaping, gardens, parks, roadside grass.
Composition: 100% bluegrass meadow.

Shadow lawn

It is bright green, dense grass stand with fine textured leaves. Undemanding of care, rising slowly. Used to break down the lawn in shady areas.
Composition: 70% of the meadow-grass, 30% red fescue.

Athletic turf

Biennial lawn dark green color. The vegetation of uniform, dense, fine texture of the sheet. It has superior resistance to trampling, recovers quickly, tolerates low haircut. Resistant to frost and drought, actively growing at low temperatures, due to which during the season keeps its color. Used on football fields, racetracks, professional sports facilities.
Composition: 100% bluegrass meadow.

Dimensions lawn:

1 Turf has dimensions 0,4 x 2,0 m (0,8 m)
1 pallet holds 65 rolls, 52 sq. m.
At a hundred square meters need 130 rolls (2 pallets)


Tel. (495) 749-5577


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