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Today peat is one of the most popular and most fertile soil mixture for planting lawns on 70% consist of peat.

Peat is relatively cheap ground black, very soft and mellow, which has the mineral constituents, despite the fact that peat is an organic fertilizer.



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The most important characteristics is the ash, which is produced from the burning of peat and determines the percentage of peat in the mineral components.
On how high content of mineral components, depends fertility peat. The percentage can vary from 1% to 50%.
The lowest content of mineral components in the peat upland, the highest, respectively, in the lowlands. This is due to the fact that the peat in comparison with low-lying, relatively "young" and the processes of decay and decomposition are still not completed. Just peat has high acidity, a small content of phosphorus and nitrogen. It has brown color or brown. For general application to the garden plots are not suitable and can only be used for cultivation of certain specific types of plants such as rhododendrons and heather.
Lowland peat has the best comparative performance and the most suitable for use. This is due to the fact that low-lying peat more "mature", occurs in bogs and places that are well located for the accumulation of nutrients, which means water flowing from the vast adjacent territories, nourish marshes. Just lowland peat have improved performance on other indicators: neutral acidity, more phosphorus and nitrogen.
It is known that the formation of peat is due to decomposition of organic matter in conditions of oxygen deficiency and excess amounts of water.
As a fertilizer in its pure form can be used only well-decomposed fen peat, which contain more than 2% lime and rich in mineral substances.

No compost as fertilizer can be made only rich mineral substances, well decomposed (30%) fen peat with lime content of at least 2% (higher is better). In the application of other peat or compost to be alkaline fertilizers, which make peat alkalescent or neutral, and improves the development of necessary bacteria or phosphate flour, which in interaction with acid peat phosphorus translates into a condition in which it is better absorbed, and the acidity of peat in this case falls .

If you use peat should be watered, that would avoid drying, for which the best use of feces or manure.

Fertile ground

Fertile soil is widely used not only ennoble territories, but also in cases where the necessary preparations fertile mixtures to improve soil fertility.
Once in greenhouses or in fields topsoil to be replaced, usually with growing vegetables this happens every 2-3 years, shot primer used again to align territories, as well as make based on this fertile mix, which can be successfully used as for planting of lawns, and for the cultivation of trees and bushes.
With fertile soil for growing lawns prepared torfopeschanuyu mixture by mixing the low-moor peat with riding with the addition of sand in the ratio 7 / 3. Also this soil used to grow ornamental plants, shrubs and trees.
To grow plants the fertile soil is being prepared as well from the ground shot in greenhouses, but when you add low-moor peat. Such soil is black and crumbly structure. Contains the optimal amount of nutrients, phosphorus, potassium, neutral acidity.

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